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Wix Stores: Adding Wix Products to a Google Merchant Centre or also known as Google Shopping

I have bad news, there is no quick fix. Wix currently doesn't integrate with the Google Merchant Centre. But, don't worry, we have a solution.

Who is this article for, anybody that is nontechnical and doesn't have developing or coding experience.

We have been busy for a couple of years building and scaling brands. Most of the eCommerce stores we build are done through the Wix design platform. Two huge headaches that we keep experiencing trying to advertise on Google Shopping are adding multiple Wix products to Google Merchant or also called Google Shopping and updating the merchant feed with inventory or pricing? Especially if you have an eCommerce store that needs to update regularly.

Should be simple right? Unfortunately, Wix doesn't have a direct integration with Google Merchant Centre, yet. There are articles going back more than two years with people having this same problem. Why hasn't Wix attended to this yet, nobody truly knows. For now, here is what we have learned and what we believe is a viable solution. We do want to point out, that there is no quick fix, and our solution will take some time to complete. Once completed, you should find it easier to add multiple products and have them updated regularly.

If you are a bit impatient as we all are and looking for a quick solution, PLEASE be careful when jumping ahead and trying any of the shopping ad apps in the Wix app market. Read our article, do your research, and then plan your way forward.

We kick off and assume that you have already created a google merchant account. If not, please read this Google article before you proceed with our article.

The main factor here is, that we need Google to be able to read and understand our Wix data. To get this done, there needs to be a bit of exporting, converting, and copy/pasting.

Before we start adding our products to Google Merchant, we need to address the two different options available to add products to Google Merchant, manual and via a "Feed". For the sake of this article, we will be focusing on adding products via a product feed. Common questions:

What is a Google Product Feed?

Different Google Feeds: there are 5 different options

What is the best option for creating a Google Feed?

For this illustration, we will be using a health store we designed as a step-by-step reference on how to accomplish our end goal. Let's discuss how to create a Google Feed via either Google Sheets or Website Crawling.


This form of feed is much easier and less time-consuming than creating a Google Feed via Google Sheets. HOWEVER, we need to point out the two following things;

  1. The speed at which your website is crawled by Google purely depends on the amount of traffic that your site gets. So if you have a brand new website, you might experience slow crawling, which means that the process to add products is very slow and not all your products might be added. You might find limited products added.

  2. If your Google Merchant Account isn't properly set up, you will not get the option to create a Website Crawling Feed. Read more on how to create a Google Merchant account.



Visit the merchant center URL and sign in to your Google Merchant Account.


Next, navigate to your left and click Products, then Feeds, and lastly click on the blue and white plus sign to start the process


Choose your country and language. Make sure that all the "destinations" are selected. Press "continue".


Choose "Website Crawl", the 4th option. Remember to name your feed.

Finish off by accepting that Google is allowed and that you want to proceed. It normally takes about 24 hours for store items to start appearing. As previously mentioned, your Merchant Account needs to be set up correctly to have this option available.


This option might seem a bit confusing at times but I guarantee that this is the better solution of all the options available.


Exporting Wix Data

Obtaining your store products is our first step.

Creating a Google Merchant Feed

Exporting Wix Data:

First, we need to obtain our Wix data. Log into the Wix dashboard. If you have multiple sites, choose the relevant site you want to work on and start the following steps:


Navigate to "Store Products" (Ref 1 in the image below), on the left of the dashboard, and click "Products". Navigate to the "Export" button (Ref 2 in the image below) and click.


Click export (Ref 3). Your file will now start downloading as a CSV file. CSV file definition.

If you open your CSV file and it looks like the image on the left, don't worry too much a bit it, we will easily fix it later.

Creating a Google Merchant Feed:


Visit the merchant center URL and sign in to your Google Merchant Account.


Next, navigate to your left and click Products, then Feeds, and lastly click on the blue and white plus sign to start the process


Choose your country and language. Make sure that all the "destinations" are selected. Press "Continue".


Choose "Google Sheets", the first option, and click "Continue". Remember to name your feed.


Choose "Generate a new Google Spreadsheet from a template" and click "Create Feed" NOW, this is where the fun begins.


You will be guided to a page where your google sheet will be generated. Click " Access Google Sheet".


You should see Google Sheets as per the image below. Now that your Google Sheet has been created, let's start to familiarize ourselves with the layout. We will be focusing on the following:

  • id

  • title

  • description

  • link

  • condition

  • price

  • availability

  • image link

  • brand

  • Google products category

These are the most important items Google is looking for to successfully add, upload and approve your products


Let's take a step back and revisit our Wix Catalog CSV file. As previously mentioned, depending on your version of EXCEl, your file might look like this:

Not to worry, once the file has been imported to Google Sheets, everything will make more sense.

Let's import our excel CVS file to Google Sheets.

Open a new blank Google Sheet, while keeping your Google Feed Sheet open.

Click on Upload and select the excel CSV file that you want to import.

Next you will be prompt to select "Import Data"

This is what you should see after the excel CSV file has been imported.


Transfer the product information from the excel CSV file to the Google Centre Feed sheet. This is pretty much straightforward, just copying and pasting.

The transfer steps are very easy. Copy information from the imported excel CSV file and paste it into the relevant Google Merchant Sheet. Description to description and title to title, so forth.

Here is where the tricky part starts. If the GTIN, product link, and image link are entered wrong, Google won't accept your stock import, GTIN, product link, and image link. I also need to point out, that for all three of these items, Wix Stores doesn't provide.

STEP 10:

We need to address GTIN, product link, and image link in a separate step, these three items are what Google is looking for and Wix doesn't provide when you exported your product CSV file.

What is a GTIN value?

A Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), also known as a bar code, is a unique and internationally recognized identifier for a product. Google uses this number to confirm and identify your products. Especially if your products are internationally recognized. If you don't have a GTIN value or bar code, here is a handy website that can help you to search for those values. Barcodelookup.com

Where do i find my product link?

Where do I find my image link?

Step 10:

Now that we have our GTIN, product link, and image link, let's proceed to add them to our Google Merchant Sheet. Please take note of the following when adding the image link. You will find that the image link is very long. Here is why Google can't crawl Wix images, because of the duplicate values that Wix creates in the image link. If you look carefully at the image link, you will see that Wix adds. png twice. All you need to do to make your image crawlable is to remove all data after the first .png/jpg. It's that simple.

Your sheet should now be ready to import your products into your Google Merchant Account.

STEP 11:

While keeping our Google Merchant Sheet open. click of "Fetch". Google will now start uploading your products. This process might take a couple of minutes to complete

Final Step:

Once Google has uploaded your products, navigate back to "Products", on the top left. Allow 2-3 days for Google to verify and approve your products.

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